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Welcome to SeonShine Photography! My name is Kristin Woodman and I am so pleased to share my fine art images with you. But first, let me explain the name SeonShine to you. It is pronounced "sunshine", so why the unusual spelling? My son's Korean name is Seon-Hu, which means Generous and Great. When I was trying to decide on a name, I felt that the name captured what I want my photography to represent. My style is about strong lines, color, and light (sunshine), presented in compelling (great - I hope) images of my journeys to a broad audience (generous). Hence, SeonShine Photography.

Now that you know where the name came from, what about the Photography? I love my craft - this has been a hobby of mine for several decades. My son remains my first muse, featuring prominently in my home "gallery". I also love to travel and have always tried to capture the spirit of each destination in my photographs. I recently decided to start my own fine art gallery online and I welcome your feedback. All images are available for print purchase.

If you are interested in providing feedback or purchases please feel free to contact me at kmwoodman@seonshine.com.

Thank you and please enjoy the gallery!